Monday, December 7, 2015

Does The Night Beat Love Christian Music?

Does a Bear.... Enough of that. One of the more enjoyable parts of our job here at Night Beat HQ is taking pot shots  making informed predictions of how the other Music Awards will go. Now with the industry giant The Dove Awards, which is quickly fading into irrelevancy, though at its size and longevity it still has klout, there is no guessing. Usually I wind up no better than a coin flip and sometimes much worse.

The newer Awards, mostly all blog based, are another matter. These seem to have a better finger on the pulse of the public, and while better staffing may mean that they find more artists than I do, on a lot of cases we are picking the same nominees.

Case in point. The +We Love Christian Music Awards . They are one of the grasshoppers to our sensei (I wish). They are in their 4th Year and we are in the roll-up to #PlatVnyl6 next year, so we have two years seniority on them. They are pretty much on the same page this year, which is going to make picking really difficult without tipping my hand. Fortunately for me it is a fan vote award, so I can say who I thing will win, but judging a fan vote is really like picking a needle in a haystack, so I should be safe.

How close are The Night Beat and +NewReleaseToday ? Let's do a quick recap of the nominees. 9 Album Awards, 1 EP Award, 50 nominees. Of That we have 9 they nominated which we consider Pure Platinum (5 Emeralds), we'll stick with 9 though it could be 10 but since one album is nominated as well for album of the year and another category we won't count it twice. Another twenty nominees are for my wiggle room 4.75 Emerald Rating, where I just can't hand out perfection, even though I want to. Only three times did they give a nominee to someone I thought Missed The Mark with under a 4 Emerald Rating. That's extremely close, as I would judge distance. 

In the upcoming posts I will go over the nominees and attempt to make an accurate pick. When they announce the winners next year we shall see how close the fan base is. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.