Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Nominations Begin: Alternative Video of The Year

We always try to mix things up at the WENC Night Beat, and what better time then at Award Season. The third Platinum Vinyl Award is almost upon us, and the nominations are in. This year we begin the Music Video Awards, and there are genre based awards for Alternative, Pop, Dance/Synthpop, Electronic/Industrial, Hip-Hop/Rap, Hard Rock/Metal, and Rock, as well as General Field Video Awards in Video by a Male Artist, Video by a Female Artist, Video by a New Artist, and Video of The Year.

I would really like to encourage an audience vote this year, and this is one of the best ways I can figure on doing it. I am going to check on the possibilities of using +SoundCloud as a possibility of bringing in Song of The Year participation. I would suggest using the comments as your vote.

We begin with Alternative Video of The Year. By alternative, we mean Alternative Rock, not some strange new way of shooting video. There are only Five nominees per category, if we can make it, not the usual seven we try for. Here we go, in no particular order of odds. (Actually, I was trying to go alphabetical by song).

And the nominations for Alternative Video of The Year for the 3rd Platinum Vinyl Award are:

Daylight by Run, Kid, Run.

Find Me by Anchor and Braille

My Name is Eustace by Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra

The Proof of Your Love by For King and Country

Summer Forgets Me by Deas Vail

That gets things started here on the Blog. The Awards, as well as the nominations, will have a multiple pronged announcement. I am currently going through them all on Facebook, Google + and soon, on Twitter as well. Along with right here for Video announcement and voting and the complete list on the nomination page. Let the voting begin, and, as always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.